Minimal Belgrade by Mirko Nahmijas - Brutalism in Yugoslavia
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Minimal Belgrade is an artistic series depicting some of the most prominent pieces of Belgrade’s mid-twentieth century architecture. Often called Socialist Modernism, Soc-realism, Brutalism, Architecture of forced standard etc., the main characteristic of all these astonishing edifices is they will always look not-just futuristic, but as though they were taken from the future and brought to us.

The images are both minimalistic and complex; details and totals are equally represented. They come display-ready, and aluminium printing renders them practically time-proof. A laser sharp UV 700 dpi print in person looks sharp – a wound-inflicting kind of sharp. They make excellent gifts and great conversation pieces.

In addition, the series combines easily with almost any interior. You can compose your own Belgrade skyline, or simply collect them all.


Author: Mirko Nahmijas


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